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Travels With Nolan

Updated: May 24, 2023

If there was ever a year to unplug from life and take your wife and two young boys on a massive road trip around the USA, this is the year. COVID has been a bitch, 2020 sucked to say the least and almost everyone's businesses have suffered (unless you happen to be mega rich, in that case, you just got mega richer…)

So on February 12th, 2021, the Palmer-Smith family packed up our camper and left between huge snow storms to go south on the beginning of a USA adventure. Adventure is not the same as a vacation…adventure has unforeseen events that pop up that need to be solved, and we had our fair share right off the bat. We started with blizzards in the north east, torrential rain in the south, tornados in the mid west, more blizzards in the deep south (climate change anyone?) And now heavy winds in the south west.

We also learned that a LOT of other people decided this was the year to take off and see the states in a camper. With COVID restrictions in state and federal parks, finding a camping spot that is suitable for a 4 and 6 year old is no easy task. As we head to warmer wether we are finding that public land is going to be our best bet.

But honestly, it's all worth it! To share these types of experiences with my kids is the type of COVID homeschooling that we believe will have the most profound and positive impact on their young lives. America is vast and beautiful and worth exploring and experiencing.

Now, this leads me onto why I am sharing all this on Nolan Fitness… Even while exploring and traveling around the country, It is still sooooo important to stay fit. Perhaps even more so since the journey is punctuated by long drives, and as we all know, longs drives are tough on the body. Also, eating the way you're accustomed to at home isn't as easy on the road (bars have made a big reemergence in our life).

So that I can continue to share about our travels and fitness along the way, my goal is to send out two emails per week to keep you in the loop and help you stay healthy and fit. I hope you'll follow along for the journey (and if not, no worries, just hit unsubscribe)!

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