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The Dynamic Warmup

The only warmup and fitness test you'll ever need.

What is a dynamic warmup?

Dynamic is defined as "(of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity or progress."

A dynamic warm-up is a series of exercises that move from one to the other with very little rest and prep your body for a greater workload as the rest of your workout progresses.

Why should I do a dynamic warmup?

I have a dynamic warm-up that I do before most of my workouts and have the majority of my clients do at the start of their workouts.

It's a short full-body workout that targets the main muscle groups with movements that stretch, strengthen and warm up all at once!

The warm-up is consistently the same and can function as a stand-alone workout on days where you are short on time, not sure what to do, yet still want to keep working towards your fitness goals.

It's also a fitness test 😏

This warm-up also serves as a fitness test…

When I start working with a new client, we do the warm-up and track how many reps of each exercise they can do along with rest time and how it feels.

As the client keeps training, the warm-up becomes easier and easier and is a great gauge of their overall fitness improvement.

Try the dynamic warm-up below - or scroll down for the video to do it along with me!

The Full Body Dynamic Warm-Up

Do each exercise below with as little rest as possible between them. Track your reps and results the first few times you do it, then again a month later.

If you do this warm-up 2-3 days a week, I promise you will get stronger and see improved mobility!

  1. Forward lunge, alternate toe touch - 20 reps

  2. Push-ups - 25 reps

  3. Lateral Lunges - 20 reps

  4. Push-up to shoulder tap - 20 reps

  5. Reverse lunge, straight leg kick - 15 reps each side

  6. Push-ups with a spinal twist - 20 reps

  7. Single leg squats - 15 reps each leg

  8. Diamond Push-ups - 15 reps

Can't wait to hear how it went for you!

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