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Full Body Workout - 45 minutes of cardio and strength. No equipment needed.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023


This bodyweight workout is perfect to add to your workout-from-home routine. This workout requires no equipment and can be done in forty-five minutes or less. The goal here is to build strength with no gym equipment, so there are a lot of push-ups and squats! Given the number of prime movers and the pace of the workout, you will also build cardio and overall conditioning.

The Workout

The workout starts with a general warm-up that consists of stretches, dynamic movements in multiple planes of motion, and upper body mobilization.

Once the real workout starts, we break it up into a lower body, upper body split with very little rest. Then the cooldown part of the workout is core exercises and then more stretching. Being flexible is just as important as being strong when starting a new workout program. If you are a dad like me, you know that being flexible is key when wrangling kids. Even getting up and down off the floor is easier when you are flexible instead of feeling like a piece of wood that doesn't bend too much.

The Backstory

When I started doing these workouts, it was the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown period. I wanted to share a way for people to be able to work out at home with little or no gym equipment. After running the online classes for a few months, one theme kept popping up and that was that it was mostly dads who were taking my classes.

Dads who were looking to change their dad bod into more of a father figure found the classes challenging yet supportive. With all the gyms closed, these online fitness classes were a way to incorporate workouts into their daily routine.

Being a dad is hard! I know that being a mom is hard as hell too, but everyone knows that being a mom is hard so that's a given. But if a dad expresses difficulty, the immediate reaction is "Stop complaining, it's so much harder being a mom" and that's usually the end of it. The dad is left feeling like a wimp because he complained and internalizes that feeling instead of exploring it because men in Western civilization don't talk about feelings... That's not manly.

I believe that it is because of that manly expectation that men are so reluctant to seek out help of any kind, especially when it comes to exercise and losing weight. It's from this realization that I created the Dad Bod Transformation program.

This course consists of workouts like the one above as well as yoga and core workouts. We talk about nutrition, workouts, and all that good stuff to make a dad healthy but what sets this program apart is we talk about the mindset of making a lifelong healthy change. We spend time identifying habits both good and bad and explore how to build on good habits and how to shake off the bad habits that don't propel you to your goals.

It seems like everyone these days is all about fitness trackers and activity trackers as a way to take fitness into their own hands, and that's the work I build on. Coaching dads how to get the most out of using a fitness tracker, or how to incorporate an online fitness program into their daily lives. How to make healthy living a habit instead of New years fad.

Willpower is like oxygen in a closed room, no matter how much you have, eventually, you will run out. So we try to design your life in a way that you don't need to rely on willpower except for a few key moments throughout your day.

I know it's hard for dads to reach out for help and even rare to sign up for a course that may push the edges of that comfort zone, but if you are ready to make a change, sign up for the course or reach out for a no-stress exploration call.

Have fun, stay awesome, and enjoy the workout!


Full transcript of the workout ~

okay so standing with your feet roughly

hip-width apart

and inhale reaching both hands up over your

head and then exhale fold over at the

waist and walk yourself out into a plank

exhale slowly down hide a little push up

inhale into an upward dog stretching out

your abdominal wall then curl over your

toes into a downward dog but it's gonna

be kind of like a Athletic down or go so

you're peddling one heel after the other

to stretch out your cows and the

hamstrings pushing the backs of your

knees to the wall behind you stay here

for two more breaths

walk your hands back to your feet come

all the way back up raising both hands

overhead exhale hands down by your sides

taking a big step out to the side a nice

wide stance inhale reaching both hands

up exhale dropping one hand down towards

an ankle sliding you hand down your leg

and rolling your other shoulder blade up

over your spine so you can look up

towards the ceiling and exhale come on

back up

both hands come to the sky and drop over

in the other direction

sliding opposite hand down and rolling

your other shoulder blade up towards

your back stretching through your lats

when your shoulder on an exhale come on

back up both hands come to the sky bring

both hands down to the gam begin with a

forward lunge and an alternate toe touch

so stepping forward reaching with the

opposite hand and raise your other hand

over raise your hand over your head so

just going one foot at a time reaching

for your opposite toe we're going to do

a total set of 26 count the mat as you

go when you're done with 20 you can stop

and rest

18 19 20 what everyone else catch up for

a second if you're still working on it

okay and then both feet together inhale

reaching both hands up over your head

exhale to walk yourself out into a

push-up all the way down walk your hands

all the way back to your feet hands come

over your head and you tend to those go

at your own pace

just breathe the whole bunch

no and one more for me cool once you

finish that we're gonna do lateral

lunges going in side to side if you're

in a house or a room that doesn't let

you go side to side just do ten on one

side and then 10 on the other but I'm

gonna go side to side total of 20

keep your chest up go for big steps that

you feel stretch in your inner thigh

thanks I don't know if you can see but I

wore my Mickey Mouse socks today because

it's Monday and it's sunny

as you get through the reps make sure

you keep going deep on the way down they

got two more woohoo okay if the next

stage of the operation is a push up to a

shoulder tap so it ends up looking

something like this

if that feels impossible you can bring

your knees down to the floor and do the

same thing alternating sides start

whenever you're ready we're gonna go for

a set of 20

17 18 19 20

make sure you breathin a lot as you're

doing these if you don't your head might

explode I've never seen it happen but

that doesn't mean it can't happen next

thing we're going to do is the reverse

lunge with a straight leg kick so bring

your left hand straight out in front of

you your right foot goes back and then

you try and kick that hand with your

right foot we're gonna do that 15 times

okay start whenever you're ready

14:15 once you finish that switch sides

right hand goes out in front of you left

foot goes back kick your right hand 15



too much fun happy Monday this week for

a lockdown a week three yes it depends

on where you at feel like I've been

locked down forever okay next thing the

Bren do is push up to open up into a

side plank so do you push up open up out

to the side for 20 reps again if that

feels impossible the variation is you do

your push up and twist as far as you can

on your needs you can even start on your

toes and halfway through switch to your

knees start whenever you're ready I'm

gonna go to 20

19 cool next n grin dude let's take a

little road trip back in time to the

Victorian era and do a curtsy to need

drive up I guess for your gentlemen it

would be a Babbitt if your lady would be

a curtsy so for those of you who are on

wall bat well versed and curtsies you

step your right leg back cross behind

your front leg drop your back knee down

and then come up onto one knee we're

gonna do 15 of those start whenever

you're ready you can do the flourish at

the hands if you want to or if your

gentlemen take off your hat

once you get to 15 stop shake your legs

don't do the same thing on the other

side cross your back foot back bend at

the knee come up to balance 15 times 14

one more 15 go press for a second shake

it out

we're gonna get ready for the next and

arguably the best pushup in the world

the Diamond push-ups Close Grip so bring

your hands together so your index finger

and your thumbs are touching or getting

just about as close as they can get put

your hands down on the floor and lower

your heart down towards that diamond

that you have on the floor now these are

pretty hard a lot of triceps and

shouldered Amin so again the variation

stay on your knees if this feels

impossible but still try and get your

part down to that spot have our notes

we'll be on our toes I'm going to go for

a set of 10 and try and get a good range

of motion so whenever you're ready ten


eight do much fun okay

so we're going to do prisoner squats

with a to meet at the bottom so hands go

behind your head

squat down pulse twice come back up so

go down one two back up into 20 DS keep

your back straight chest up shoulders



hey everyone finish those up once you've

had enough of those we're gonna get

ready for our next set of push-ups which

is going to be a staggered stance see if

one hand over your shoulder other hand

down by your ribs we're gonna do eight

like this switch hands eight on the

other side so okay your stance yourself


spread your feet nice and wide press

that eight go when you feel strong hey

you know with your easy switch hands and

eat it on the other side

can do set of single leg squats so

depending your right leg up behind you

with your right hand I'm going to squat

down to reach for your left toes come

back up to standing and when you come

back up and gonna like squeeze your butt

so your hips end up forwards we're gonna

do 15 on each leg start whenever you're


fifteen once you finish your 15 so

chance the new left foot back behind you

with your left hand reach towards your

right toes 15 times if it feels like

your balance is really bad it might be

because it is but also it helps to look

at something that doesn't move and if

you practice this enough times your

balance will become enviable go stop for

a second get a sip of water I can't hear

any of you so I'm just talking myself

and I say that no one stop for a second

drink some water

okay take a few deep breaths get ready

to your next set be awesome so speaking

of being awesome there's nothing more

awesome than burpees so we're going to

do a set of 15 burpees to come up like a

prisoner so don't don't do this first

one bye

it looks something like this do a push

up come up hands end up behind your head

start whenever you're ready do 15

sucks okay in the week 30 seconds later

Harvey come down who me if you did in

the right way alright should be up okay

next thing we're gonna do his lateral

run lunge and then come back up to

stability so we did this last week where

you go down and then come up to balance

do ten of those on each side start

whenever you ready

you finish your tack switch sides

okay we're gonna celebrate a good set of

those with a good set of the next ones

which is also going to be a lateral

movement but it's going to be a squat

jump so go down into the squat come up

and land in a squat somewhere else

ideally side to side 20 of these start

whenever you're ready oh as you land big

leg landing like a ninja like it's soft

and it's silent and is dangerous as you


when you get to 20 stop and celebrate

for all my skier friends out there this

is nothing like skiing for me that's for

second leg already come down we'll get

ready for the next exercise okay so

we're gonna do a push-up into a high

lunge with scaption okay so what its

gonna look like did you push up step

into a high lunge and whatever leg goes

in front that elbow goes back and you

roll that shoulder blade back keeping

your back leg straight go back into your

push-up our lunch

start whenever you're ready go first set

it up

reverse lunge

can you drive up so first thing I

demonstrate the lazy way to do this

don't do it like that take the reverse

lunge nice strong hips and then come up

with a firm knee pause for a second and

then go back down let me do 15 of those

start whenever you're ready

keep them strict cool to finish you're


switch sides and if balance seems kind

of hard focus your gaze on something

that doesn't move like maybe don't watch

me for a minute

it's the last one that we did for

supplies coming back with a caption

we're gonna build on that and bring that

following leg third so push up turkey so

what ends up looking like do you push up

step into a high lunge that top arm goes

back for scaption and then your bottom

leg comes underneath you and your butt

is floating above the ground walk

yourself all the way back other leg goes

forward scouting on that hand then your

bottom leg goes through gonna go 10

total start whenever you're ready

if you love those baseball fans in the

air okay if you have a map

we're gonna lay a down on your back if

you don't have a map I hope that your

floor is soft

laying down flat on your back with your

knees bent gonna bring both hands either

behind your head or across your chest

we're gonna do 25 crunches keeping good

space between your chin and your chest

so matter what that looks like where

your hands are you're bringing both

shoulder blades up off the mat each time

count them out whenever you're done you

know 25


whenever you're done with that you know

bend your knees close enough to where

you can just about touch your heels with

your fingertips and we're gonna do hip

raises so pushing off your heels raising

hips up to the sky now if this feels

pretty easy for you you want to take it

a little bit further extend one leg up

towards the ceiling and do ten on one

leg ten on the other or both feet on the

floor for a set of 20 to start whenever

you're ready squeeze your butt squeeze

your hamstrings


and never done with that I'm gonna bring

both hands down underneath your bum

straighten out your legs I'm gonna do 20

leg lifts straight up and down so when

you lower your feet down your heels

don't touch the floor but they stop just

above it

there's 20 for me hopefully that's about

20 for you as well

no with that we're gonna roll over unto

tummy Carla forms process all right so

we're gonna do it's coming to your plank

all right nice little plank you're gonna

push yourself up into a high plank and

then come back down you're gonna

alternate which hand you initiate the

push with we're gonna go for a total of

10 so the faster you do the faster

you're done the slower you do the longer

you're holding a plank for

whenever you finish your 10 we're gonna

come onto your hands and knees knees

under your hips hands under your

shoulders gonna reach your right arm out

in front of you so your right bicep sits

in line with your ear and you're gonna

keep looking straight down at the floor

put your left heel straight back behind

you taking a deep breath and then on the

exhale connect to elbow to me inhale to

extend we're going to go for 10 to

so eat whenever you're done such that

reaching the left arm out in front of

you right heel straight back away from

you take a deep breath on the exhale

connect the elbow to me go on for 10

and go there we go with that my grant

you're backing him gonna cross your

right ankle over your left knee

and bring your left hand behind your

head we're gonna crunch your left elbow

towards your right knee that feels

pretty easy gonna make it harder

straighten up your left leg

we're gonna go fifteen on each side

start whenever you're ready

go I've never done that switch that left

ankle over your right knee right hand

behind your hip

come chop with the twist try and get

your right shoulder blade let's high up

off the floor as you can a good way to

ensure that is try and actually make

contact between your elbow and your knee

you're still trying to keep this elbow

out to the side so you're not bringing

you try a form treat your form is still

off to the side count out 15 and you're

done celebrate

when you're done there we're gonna roll

over onto your side it doesn't matter

which side you do because we're gonna do

them both but you're going to press your

palm into the floor and your elbow into

the floor and then push your shoulder

away from the floor so your left

shoulder girdle is really strong we're

gonna do hip braces up and down 15 on

the each side so the Hanged going your

hip or straight up to the sky and go up

and down and now this just feels

impossible you can plant your top foot

and use that leg to help you out with

the hip brace no matter what you do

count out 15

13:14 fit

let's finish switch sides again keeping

that shoulder really strong so you're

not collapsing through your and

everybody cannot you're 15 it braises


turn to one more core exercise and we're

into a forearm plank so with your elbows

underneath your shoulders and palms on

the floor I'm gonna come onto your toes

we're gonna hold for 60 seconds if you

want to hold it longer start now and I'm

gonna start in three two long one sixty

second plank so keeping your hips drop

and kind of down close to the floor and

pushing out through your heels and the

crown of your head and keep the gaze

down towards the floor inhale fully and

exhale completely as you exhale draw

your belly button in towards your spine

and line up towards your heart got 30

seconds left


fifteen seconds ten to go

five four three two one

along down yeah it's like superheroes I


I like the flying ones but I also like

the ones that can jump so high that it

looks like the flying either way they

all have the same body shape when

they're flying and they all copy

Superman he's kind of like the king of

flying mostly because he wears a red

cape which i think is highly

unfunctional I like what function does

escape serve it's not aerodynamic it's

not a shield it's purely decorative same

with the red boots anyway we're gonna

come into Superman's into five of them

holding at the top for three breaths of

each one so arms aren't funny squeezing

from here lower back so your arms and

legs come up hold for three breaths one

two three well we're back down take the

strain off your back come on back up

hold for three breaths come on down

floating on up flying like Superman good

do two more

you're coming on down last one hold it

for three breaths

come on down do the counter strips

coming all the way into Child's Pose so

coming on to your knees with your arms

out in front of you and just letting

your bum come down towards your heels

stretch out your lower back that feels

like oh yeah that feels good

we're gonna sit on your butt with your

legs straight out in front of you

stretch your hamstrings so first move in

any meat muscle frizzle out of the way

if they can find your sits bones firmly

on the floor and then push the backs of

your knees down into the mat keeping her

back through the straight inhale between

both hands up over your head and then

exhale to fold down grabbing onto your

feet letting your forehead drop down

towards your knees and if you're not

quite reaching your feet scoot your

hands underneath your calves and then

push your calves into your hands and

gently pull your forehead down towards

your knees no matter where we're at

we're going to hold for five more long

slow deep breaths and with the exhaling

breath we're trying to let your head and

your upper back relaxed enough to create

a weight to pull you forwards and down

and there you done with that we change

both hands forwards coming all the way

back up exhale hands down by your sides

so bring the soles of your feet together

you're gonna walk your heels towards

your bum pretty much as close as you can

give your knees a couple flaps kind of

open up the hips and holding onto your

feet we're gonna use that to pull your

heart forwards and your shoulder blades

back together once you have a nice long

straight spine and taking a deep breath

and then exhale gently folding forwards

to let your forehead drop down towards

your toes opening up your hips and your

hip flexor or maybe you feel the stretch

in your mid-back everyone's different

wherever you're feeling it as long as

you're feeling something two more

breaths here curling all the way back up

now you're ready to come out of it come

on now we'll come all the way up to

standing extent and if you have a wall

nearby you want to use it for a little

bit of support these are going to

stretch out quads and hip flexors but if

you can do a free-standing get on yeah

so grab on to an ankle it doesn't matter

which one and we're gonna use the hand

that's holding onto the ankle to pull

the ankle back so you're drawing your

knee back as you're pulling your hip

forwards so as if you're drawing you're

turning your body into a bow essentially

to stretch out this front part of your

hip and your quad the front part of your

leg lower down towards your knee oh for

three more breaths

when you know with that slowly release

down we'll switch sides throw them onto

your other ankle keeping your spine

really long and tall so you're standing

very straight and then drawing your knee

back as you pull your opposite hip

forwards so you can kind of feel it if

you're doing this you're stretching just

this front part of your quad the part

right above your knee once you bring

your knee back behind you you start to

open up your hip flexor which for those

of us who sit a lot during the day this

gets really tight so it's good to just

kind of take some time just stretch it

out hold for two more breaths here at

least to come out happy cuz you're done

nice work everybody

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