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The #1 Tip to Help You Succeed in Fitness

The Secret to Success

Everywhere you look, you're bombarded with solutions to losing weight, getting strong, and hitting your fitness goals. They come in the form of protein shakes, magic pills, skincare products, surgery, and more.

What if I told you that the secret isn't something you can buy? That you already own it? It's true! Are you ready to hear what it is?

What's A Why?

The KEY contributing factor to success when it comes to your health and fitness is having a strong WHY. So, what is a why? Your WHY is your motivation to achieve a goal.

"The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us." - Simon Sinek

Your WHY can change depending on where you are in your life. To help you better understand what a WHY is, I'm sharing some of my WHY’s (bolded below) over the years and how they’ve helped me achieve my goals (starting from the beginning!).

1️⃣ When I was 10, I hurt my back while horseback riding. I wanted to live without pain, and that motivated me to achieve my goal of learning how to rock climb to strengthen my back muscles (which serendipitously led to a life-long love of climbing!).

2️⃣ When I was in high school, I was on the wrestling team and I wanted to be a top wrestler to gain self-confidence, help my team and make my school and family proud. It motivated me to achieve the strongest strength-to-weight ratio which involved a rigorous diet and exercise routine.

3️⃣ In my early 20’s, I had a career as a model. I needed to be able to support myself financially, which motivated me to achieve a goal of maintaining 8 - 12% body fat and a weight of 175 pounds.

4️⃣ In my 30’s, I became a dad, and I want to be an active, healthy, fun, and energetic dad. This motivates me to stick to goals I’ve outlined for weekly fitness routines and overall diet.

Find Your WHY

On day 1 of my 5-day challenge, we’ll dive into how to find your WHY (after we get sweaty!), one that will truly motivate and push you to achieve your goals.

Getting fit and healthy isn't just about pumping iron. You have to do the work from within to make it work on the outside. Otherwise, it won't stick.

Ready to make some changes?

Sign up for the challenge and block off 30 minutes per day on March 29th - April 2nd.

Don't forget to grab a buddy or two to join you. After all, teamwork makes the dreamwork!


Click here to learn more about the 5-day challenge and what we'll do each day.

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