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One Size DOESN'T Fit All

You are a unique snowflake (did you know that? ❄️ 😀). Your diet AND your exercise should reflect that.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you (because, genetics), so figuring out your routines while considering your preferences is key.

What Works for Me, Works for ME

These days, diet culture is huge. If you were to go out to dinner with friends, I bet everyone would have different diet preferences. One might be keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, the list goes on.

And you know what? All these diets "work." And by that, I don't mean that one of these will help everyone get the same results. They won't.

Your body has its own unique needs, and eating high-fat foods on a keto diet, for example, may not make sense for you (especially if you decide to be vegetarian or vegan for other reasons).

So the key to finding a food fit for you is to test out different options and figure out what makes your body feel the best. Sprinkle on some preferences, of course, because we all have things we love that we want to be able to indulge in from time to time.

For me, my body loves a paleo diet coupled with intermittent fasting. I feel best when I'm cutting out processed foods, sugars, and grains and find that I can build muscle more quickly. I allow myself cheat days every weekend where I can enjoy things I love with my family, like pizza and movie night.

The same goes for fitness. Some people love the gym vibes while others prefer to run outdoors. Getting your fitness fix in a way that brings you joy is also key. It might not be possible all the time, but planning for activities that are fun (because grownups should play too) helps you feel excited about hitting your goals and makes the process more enjoyable.

As a trainer, I have no problem lifting weights and hitting the gym, but I also love trail running and rock climbing, so I make sure to work this into my weekly routine.

Why Don't We Talk about Exercise and Diet FIRST?

On day 3 of the 5-day challenge, we’ll be talking about exercise and diet. You’re probably wondering why we wait till day 3 to talk about these.

I truly believe that setting a strong foundation and getting clear on your WHY and your goal(s) is essential. It’s what will motivate you to make the right meal choice or get up for your morning run.

Either way, join me for the 5-day challenge to learn more about how to figure out what type of diet or exercise routine makes sense for you.

Let's do this!


Click here to learn more about the challenge and what we'll do each day.

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