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45 Minute Full Body Workout - No equipment needed

This full-body workout is recorded from a live workout class that was taught early in 2020 as a part of a home workout series. Since all the gyms were closed when the pandemic hit, I wanted to provide a way for people to stay fit and healthy while at home.

This live workout class requires no gym equipment! If you have a yoga mat or an exercise mat, that will be helpful for the core workout section, but if you don't have a mat, you can use a towel.

When you do this workout, I would recommend that you play some music that pumps you up! I deliberately don't add music to my workouts because it is such a personal thing and I want you to make this workout yours!

If you have an existing training program and are looking to add a bodyweight component, then this workout will be a great addition to your exercise library.

If your a dad like me, you know that time is tight! Long gone are the days when you can take your morning to go to the gym, then have a nice long lunch and a nap. Or having the time freedom to go mountain biking all day, or go for a hike that's more than two miles or anything that parenthood life prohibits.

This workout is great if you have limited time and want to get the most out of your workout. In less than an hour, this workout will make you stronger, work on your cardio and ultimately burn a TON of calories. The trick to losing weight or just getting healthier is to consistently work towards your goal. When you have a fitness goal, try to do something that works towards that goal every day no matter what.

Even when time is tight, you can always carve out an hour for self care. I like to do my workouts at 5:30 or 6 AM. Yea, it sucks to wake up early, but its my time and I know that the only factor that would prohibit the workout is my own willpower. And willpower is like a muscle you can train. The more you get up and get working, the easier it will become and eventually it will feel weird when you don't wake up early and exercise.

When I work with a client, I mix up the types of workouts depending on the clients goal. Since most people come to me looking to lose weight and improve health, I suggest a mix of cardio, strength, flexibility and general conditioning training. This full body workout here is how I suggest you start the week.

So Monday morning, wake up and get to work!

Transcript of the video below -

We'll all start off standing and just

going to begin with movement with your

arms so just flatten your arms side to

side kind of opening up your shoulder

girdle breathe in just kind of taking

stock of where you're at maybe it's a

big movement maybe it's a little smaller

movement wherever at and then we're

gonna flap like out like a big word you

know get your arms up start working

through that shoulder girdle stretching

out that way and maybe alternating which

hands coming up and then with your arms

out to the side like you're doing a back

stroke working that ball and socket

joint and then switch into a butterfly

swim just kind of get that thing going

on there and then this next one's a

little bit silly but you know most

things re gonna keep your elbows tight

to your sides and just bring your hands

out to the sides so you just feel that

will stretch across your upper shoulder

you can alternate which hand goes on top

this is a good way just kind of like

Pinterest scapula your shoulder blades

back together so your heart kind of gets

forward a little bit and that's enough

that's Ilene a'somethin else if you want

it but it's kind of up to you okay so

we're gonna go into two Sun citations so

for those of us who are non Yogi's we're

going to inhale raising both hands up

and then exhale to fold feel that

stretch through your hamstrings inhale

to upward dog so just kind of opening up

to your tummy in your back and then curl

over your toes into a downward dog so

you're questioning heels down behind you

and this is a exercise downward dog so

not like a strict yoga downward dog so

you can pedal your heels

and you kind of do whatever you want

with this one as you get ready we'll

walk your feet back towards your hands

I feel that stretch through your

hamstrings or your lower back iam

shaking at your head bend at the knees

and curl all the way back up to standing

inhale both hands up over your head

exhale hands down by your sides nothing

done it once we're gonna do it again

and you kind of know it's gonna happen

so follow on inhale reaching both hands

up exhale the fold

feel that stretch through your

hamstrings and your back she got your

head bend the knees walk yourself out

into a plank and you can either lower

high to low pushup

or knees chest chin if the push-up is

kind of hard for you and you come to

baby Cobra like this or upward facing

dog and curl over your toes into

downward dog

again just stretching out through the

calves and the hamstrings we'll stay

here for about three breaths

two and three walk your feet back

towards your hands feel that stretch the

arm strings again bend the knees and

curl all the way up to standing

hands up to the sky and glitter fingers

down by your side that will start to get

into it okay so we're gonna do a walk

out to push up into a high lunge so

we're gonna do ten these I'll

demonstrate then you just kind of start

up whenever you want so inhale raising

both hands up exhale walk yourself up

you do a push-up and then a high lunge

so we're just stretching out that hip

flexor and glute and then walk yourself

all the way back up standing reason both

hands up overhead

push-up comes into that high lunge feel

that stretch through the hip flexor and

walk yourself all the way back up to

standing so this whole first round it's

still just kind of getting your body

moving and opening up high lunge for

those of us who have a job that requires

you to sit down which sound a lot of

jobs do these days it's good to keep

those hip flexors nice and loose

you can go do this movement pretty slow

if you want to or you can start to pick

up steam if you want

you got two more to go

great and then once you've finished your

10 of those we're gonna come into a sumo

squat with rotation so with your feet

wider than hip-width apart and raise

both hands up over your head and trying

to keep your arms as straight as you can

we're going to squat down into a deep

sumo squat and then both hands down

towards the floor raise one arm up

rotating through the shoulder we tie

hand towards the ceiling coming back

down either on them up come on back down

and then raising both hands up over your

head all the way back up to standing so

we can do that a total of five times so

squatting down both hands behind the

floor one hand rotates up down other

hand rotates up come on down both hands

come up then all the way to standing so

just go at your own pace here we're at

12:05 again we're still opening your

hips and opening up your shoulders

nice well once you finish the pathos

we're going to come into a forward lunge

with an alternate toe touch so we're

gonna do a total set of 20 10 on each

side taking a big step forward reaching

for that opposite toe I mean coming up

with your hand over your head I'm just

going one leg one hand after the other

count out 20 go with the pace and range

of motion that feels comfortable it's a

still warm up sometimes the whole

workout ends up becoming warm up

SuperDuper conjugates of 20 stop and