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It's here! A four-week meal plan to help you feel inspired and excited about what you eat. 

Meal Prep 
Made Easy

An ebook designed to help you upgrade your weekly meals and make dinner feel like a breeze.

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Eating well can feel hard - but it doesn't have to.

When I had my first child in 2014, my whole world shifted. Nolan and I still lived in New York City and we had opposite work schedules. That meant I needed to be home with my son and couldn't spend my afternoons at the gym anymore. When I did have free time I felt guilty going to a yoga class instead of spending time with our child.

Our meals were poorly planned, eaten in a rush over the sink, or on the go, too exhausted to cook ourselves a proper meal. I felt tired most of the time, grumpy or resentful when I wasn't getting enough personal time. Can you relate?

I knew we desperately needed a change.

So, together we drew on everything we'd learned before kids, and we developed and implemented some practices that gradually transformed our lives.

It wasn't a quick-fix (because healthy living is a lifetime practice), but that doesn't mean it has to feel hard. We've learned to make it simple and fun!

Meal planning is one of the key practices that transformed our lives.

Before we implemented this tool, our meals consisted of a lot of pasta, dinners pieced together with whatever was in the fridge, last minute grocery shopping, poorly planned meals that took too long to cook (and no one liked), and picky eaters. Sound familiar? This is where it ends.


I created this book to help you learn simple strategies to approach each meal and provide inspiration for your weekly dinners.


So, let's dive in!


Hi, I'm Dimity
(Nolan's other half!)

I'm a mama and food-lover.


Eating well in a busy world culture can be a challenge. Throw some kids in the mix, and things get a little nutty. 

As a mother to two growing boys, a wife to a fitness guy, and an active woman, eating well is a daily priority for us. 

We want out meals to be nutrient-rich, flavorful, and -- most importantly -- easy to make. 

That's why I created this resource for you. To help make meal prep and family dinners feel like a breeze. 

Early Praise

"This book has lots of variety, and I love that it gives the reader so many options. What a smart way to help the reader cook with their preferences, food sensitivities, and teach us that cooking is not an exact science, we can take your (GREAT!) ideas and recipes and make them our own."


What's Included
  • a list of pantry essentials so you're always stocked

  • simple breakfast recipes to rotate or eat daily

  • lunch “formulas” and clever storage sticks to upgrade those leftovers

  • meal prep tips so you'll know exactly how to prepare for your week

  • 4 weeks of pre-planned dinner recipes

  • weekly shopping lists

  • weekly prep lists

  • snack recipes and ideas


Get your copy today!
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