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Imagine yourself 5 - 10 years from now. How old will your children - or grandchildren - be? Can you keep up with your athletic child? Can you still participate in the activities you love? Can you get down on the floor to play with your grandchild (and get back up again)?


As a parent, we're constantly told, "the days are long, but the years are short," and it's true. The daily juggle of being a parent creates a blind spot and makes it hard to see how our daily coping habits can have a negative impact on our wellbeing.


But when you picture your life years from now, it's easy to see how the years really are short. Our bad habits rapidly amount to a picture we don't like. A picture that doesn't allow us to fully partake in both our personal passions or our children's lives.


The actions you take (or don't take) on a consistent basis will determine your success and your future. Being able to identify positive actions and consistently implement them will transform your wellbeing.


In just four weeks, the Dad Bod Transformation course will teach you how to overhaul those bad habits, reintroduce you to the things you love, and help you develop the cognitive and physical strategies you need to achieve life-long health.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to launch your Dad Bod Transformation?


I would recommend Nolan's course to any one of my friends. I drilled a new hole in my belt after four weeks! It was fanstastic.

Todd, Dad of 2 and Techie 

Support that sets you up for success.


Parents need all kinds of support. Childcare, parenting podcasts, grandparents, and more. So why should your health and fitness be any different?

The #DBT course provides support throughout the program and beyond to help ensure your success.

The course includes:

  • 20 high-quality video lessons broken into four highly-focused modules

  •  5 downloadable worksheets to help you put your plan into action

  • Weekly "Take Action" activities clearly outlined throughout the course

  • Unlimited course access forever - watch any time from any device and learn at your own pace.

  • Two weeks worth of weekly workout and meal plans to get your started immediately

  • Access to a private member group

  • Live weekly Q&A calls with Nolan

  • Access to a free workout library and live online fitness classes

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