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Personal Training

for your body and your schedule

Personal Training CAN be Affordable, truly personalized and on your Schedule.

Over the past 20 years, Nolan has worked with a range of clients from athletes to new moms to senior citizens. When it comes to personalized training, Nolan truly understands how to tailor exercise to meet your needs and goals both in the gym and in real life.

Now, you can train with Nolan 1:1 through TrueCoach.


Through the TrueCoach platform, you'll get:

  • customized workouts scheduled by Nolan 

  • daily check-ins via email and messaging

  • workout logging

  • real-time messaging

  • personalized goals and metrics

  • a private place to post progress pictures 

Sign up now!

Congratulations on making an awesome decision! See you soon!

What can you expect each day?

Through the challenge, you'll be asked to commit to 30 minutes a day for the live call plus an additional 20 - 30 minutes on your own time to complete a daily action item.


Each day, we'll do a focused workout and then dive into a topic that will help kickstart your health and fitness journey. See below for an outline of our challenge:


  • Workout: Mobility

  • Topic: Your WHY


  • Workout: Strength-Training

  • Topic: Goal-Setting


  • Workout: Yoga

  • Topic: Exercise and Diet

DAY 4: 

  • Workout: Core

  • Topic: Self-Care

Day 5: 

  • Workout: Mobility + Cardio

  • Topic: Now What? (Don't worry, I'll tell you!)


What if I can't join live or I don't have Facebook?

No worries! I'll send a daily recap each day with a recording of the call, so you can carve out 30 minutes to watch the recording. 

What if I'm super out of shape?

This is meant to be a kickstart, so even if workouts feel challenging, they are short and doable. I'll also offer options for different exercises to make them more accessible. But, remember! Taking action isn't always easy. This will help you ease back into a routine without discouraging you.

What if I have an injury or a preexisting condition?

Please be sure to consult your doctor before doing any exercise! And, of course, if something hurts while exercising, STOP!

Can my partner do this with me?

Absolutely. The workouts and tools I'll provide are meant to help anyone kickstart their fitness. Heck, your kids can join you too!

What if I have questions throughout the challenge? 

Post them to our Facebook page or email me at and I'll be sure to answer them.


Congratulations on making an awesome decision! See you soon!

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